Published Works

Summer Storm: One wet, wild summer day, Cathal, a young Irishman, is out walking along the beach near his home, only to see an injured selkie stumble ashore. A storyteller himself, Cathal feels a strange sort of responsibility for the fairytale creature, and brings him home. Over the course of the summer, their relationship grows into love, only for the selkie's mysterious past to come back to haunt them. An excrept is available at Toquere Books, and reviews are listed here.


A Hope in Hell tells the story of the meeting and beginning of the love affair of Yare'ach, an angel trapped in Hell, and the demon Lord Ayve. "A Hope in Hell" attempts to create a unique and plausible vision of Hell, and sympathetic but strong characters who, in trying circumstances, find a way to reach out to each other. "Sympathy", the sequel to a "Hope in Hell", also included in this edition, continues their romance.

Please note that these stories contain strong sexual content, as well as brief but graphic descriptions of violence. A Hope in Hell was originally published by Torquere Press and now available from, as a pdf ebook. It is about 12,000 words long.

An excrept is available at my livejournal, and reviews are listed here.

Grisaille: The Complete Stories of Corvo and Ardán: Originally published by Torquere Press as four separate, stand-alone stories ("Grisaille in Sand and Sunset", "Pentimento: Poppy", "Grisaille in Stone and Sky", and "Nocturne in Silver and Gold"), the complete adventures of Corvo and Ardán are now available together in this omnibus edition.

Corvo and Ardán meet as the result of desperate diplomatic necessity. Each is a hostage to fortune, though Corvo is ostensibly a diplomat and Ardán is formally a slave. Corvo struggles with his attraction to Ardán -- Ardán, very much a product of his upbringing, misunderstands the warrior aspects of Corvo's culture, believing it to be similar to his own and believing himself a slave, despite Corvo's insistence that he is not; in such circumstances, Corvo feels that giving voice to his interest would be coercive and immoral. Corvo and Ardán must overcome this, and many more obstacles in their path, if they are to build a new life together...

The Omnibus Edition is approximately 64000 words long, and is available both as a pdf ebook and in paperback format. An excerpt is available at my livejournal, and reviews are listed here.

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